“Good Morning Robert, I just want to say Thank You! This morning I was able to put in use all the things I learned in your Active Shooter Course. There was an active shooter threat at my work place this morning and we were on lock-down for almost an hour. I immediately pulled as many people as I could into a room. I barricaded the door like we practiced, turned off the lights and instructed everyone to stay quite. We were all safe, and I am just glad I took your class and we did a hands on with barricading, because it took a while for us to open it after code was cleared. Thank you Sir!”
Mr. Ryan Gabriel

“I just wanted to say, that I recently attended one of your 8-hour CCW class. The instructor, Robert Dalessio, gave an exceptional class. He was extremely informative, and gave a no “BS” assessment of today’s ever-changing environment. He also interjected personal and factual incidents and scenarios. Couldn’t ask for a better class instructor.”
Mr. Felix Ramirez

“Staff is a lot of help and answered all questions with a positive answer. Good experience.”
Francisco Guzman

“Really good customer service. Very polite.”
Jesus Poctillo

“I had a very good experience here in Second Amendment Sports. You are very nice and helped me and answered my questions in Spanish. Thank you for your support.”
Desiderio Flores

“Had a very good experience, everyone was knowledgeable and courteous.”
Jeanne M Seno

“I have had a great experience with all.”
Lance Tetakis

“Second Amendment staff was very helpful & friendly. I like that they talk about all the safety steps on the firearm & explained everything. “
Juan Vargas

“Everything was good all the times when I have come here. 100% satisfied!” 
-Manuel G. Trujillo

“Outstanding employees! Very helpful.” 
-Gary Champlin SR

“Great help! Employee answered all questions I had, and was real helpful with my choice of gun. Thank you!”

“Stephanie was the best employee I have ever came across. She was very kind, patient and knowledgeable”.

“Very good service!”
-Taylor Helton

“Platinum member. Love the shop. Keep up the good work!” 
-James Jones

“Great customer service! Best workers, give them all a star or something, but will be back for more shopping. Thank you everyone!” 
-Montana Smith

“Had a great experience at Second Amendment. The sales floor staff was very friendly and knowledgeable and they helped me pick out a new AR-15.”
-Austin Gahagan

“Was shown several firearms by friendly staff. Desired firearm was in stock and purchase went smoothly”.
-Jeff Pousson

“I have been here a few times as a member using your range and I have been looking at purchasing my own gun for some time. Jacob is very patient, has answered several questions the last two times I have been here and helped me narrow down my purchase. Jacob as no pressure, very informative, very polite, and after 20 years for management experience myself I would highly like to praise him on his assistance today.”
-Jason Duemmel

“5 stars! Quality products, sales staff knowledgeable and efficient. Will not go anywhere else but SAS!”