Second Amendment Sports, Inc. not only stocks handgun safes, in-wall safes, up to large long gun safes and vault doors. But we also offer installation! Our installation service fee varies based on the size/weight of your safe but also the location in your home or office the safe will be installed. It is important to us to offer this service so your purchase is not only guaranteed to arrive safely, but we will bolt it to your foundation (if you like), ensuring your valuables and firearms are secure.

Items to know when asking for a Safe Delivery/Installation Quote:

Where do you live?
Is it paved to your doorstep or garage depending on where it will go through?
Are we going over tile or carpet?
If it is an indoor delivery, is it down the hall, in a bedroom in a closet?
Will all furniture be out of the way if indoor?
How wide are the door ways we will travel through?
Will we anchor the safe?
If we are to anchor, are you sure it is not a post tension slab?
If it is a post tension slab, we will NOT anchor!
If it is a second story or floor joists on a “mud sill”, we will NOT anchor!
What days/times of the week are we able to deliver?
If it is upstairs, how many steps? Is there a landing or turn in the stairway?