Tuc_Actiontile_wrIn 1993, Matt and Dana Janes took 6 cases of ammunition, reinvested it and never looked back. What started in a small storefront in Bakersfield, CA, has grown to be one of the largest independently owned firearms chain in the western United States. This company began with the Janes’ love of the outdoors and a personal passion with the shooting sports. That passion is still at the center of all we do.

After opening our first location in Bakersfield, CA, Matt and Dana felt the call of the “Free State” of Arizona. They opened our location in Tucson, AZ in 2006 in the old Bob Jensen’s building, which had been a firearms store since the ’60’s. While preserving the Old Pueblo vibe and the legacy of the location, our store has grown to be its own “must shop” location in Tucson.

Now that we had the chain in motion, so to speak, it was not long before we opened our next location in Palm Desert, CA, in 2013, filling the void the outdoor community had been missing. The location boasts a state of the art indoor shooting range, right off of I-10, which is a great luxury to escape sand, wind storms and 120 degree summer temperatures!

Finally, in 2014, the Janes’ had an opportunity to come back home and open a fourth location in the growing west side of Bakersfield, CA. While this location is the smallest in the company, it has an indoor shooting range and is bursting at the seams with an extensive inventory for our clientele.

Four locations that are unique to the area they service, yet surrounding our clients with the things we love. Whether you hunt or shoot, we have the right gear and expertise to help you have a better experience. It is our goal to provide great customer service, selection and even better prices to our community, because it is that community that helped us get to where we are today.


Paul Rodriguez- General Manager

Paul joined the Second Amendment Sports team back in 2012. He started out as a salesman and is now running the store as our General Manager. As a young boy living in the country, he grew up fishing in rivers and lakes, and shagging birds, to bagging white tail as an adult. He is in his element when he is in the outdoors. Paul has always been involved in firearms and thrives when teaching and helping others gain knowledge of their firearms.

John Romaka- Assistant Manager

John started with Second Amendment Sports, Inc. in 2016 and is currently our Assistant Manager of our location in Tucson, AZ. While John only recently immersed himself into hunting culture, he has been fishing and camping with family since he was “knee high to a grasshopper.” To John, there is nothing better than “the smell of bacon and coffee over a fire first thing in the morning.” John enjoys working with our clients and hearing their stories, but most of all, learning something new from them as well. John is also available to help with your Warranty or Armorer needs. Next time you come in, see John and he will help you with any of your firearm, hunting, gun care or accessory needs!

Stephen Collins – Gunsmith

Stephen came on the team at Second Amendment Sports in late 2016 as our Gunsmith. He enjoys many outdoor activities, from hunting and fishing to paintball and archery. Many of his skills were developed over the years in outdoor survival training, which is a key passion of his. Likewise, he is also a certified Gunsmith, NRA Certified in home defense, shotgun and pistol and an Instructor in combat pistol and rifle. While his resume is padded with certificates, it is the “wide variety of experiences that have molded and directed [him] to where [he is] today on a professional level…. [his] passion is working in the firearm industry… as both a Gunsmith and an Instructor.”

Angel Ochoa-LSR

Angel joined the Second Amendment Sports, Inc. team in 2009. Much of his experience with firearms and the outdoor sports has come from his upbringing and U.S. Military training. Angel grew up hunting alongside his father and cannot wait to do the same with his own children. In the Army, Angel was trained in multiple small arms and combat tactics. He served our great Nation both overseas and stateside. These days, you’ll find him camping with his family or “chasing Big Foot in the buff!” Angel is a great salesman who strives to share his joy and knowledge with our clientele and staff alike.

Clay Wood – LSR

Clay started with us in January of 2011. “I was given a .22LR rifle when I was 14 [years old]. I bought my first shotgun when I was 16. For as long as I can remember, I have had a keen interest in the history, construction, function and use of firearms. I have owned somewhere around 150, or so, guns over the years. I enjoy casual target and shooting (handgun and rifle), and continue to learn about new innovations in firearms and ammunition.” Clay is very knowledgeable, from traditional muzzle loaders to modern firearms.

Robert Smith- LSR

Robert started working at Second Amendment Sports in April of 2015. He describes himself as a “realistic, casual shooter.” Robert served in the US Navy, where he gained extensive experience with firearms. Robert is passionate about helping others find the firearm that is right for them. He wants to make sure you are happy and comfortable with your selection when you leave the store.

Sierra Christ- Head A&D

Sierra is currently the Acquisitions and Dispositions Department Head at Second Amendment Sports, Inc.’s Tucson location. As an only child to a single father, she was brought up to be independent and self-reliant through camping, fishing and shooting. While Sierra has not hunted yet, she was surrounded by sportsmen her entire life and looks forward to one day becoming one as well. Sierra spent 10 years deep sea fishing with her father, and “always enjoyed a quiet day on the water.” Sierra is a Veteran Marine and has a great love for family, God and country. She looks forward to filling her small gaps in outdoor sports knowledge through “the guys [she] works with, and conversation with our customers.”

Alicia Mazur- A&D 

Alicia joined our family in April of 2018, in our Acquisitions & Dispositions department. Since childhood, she has camped, fished and gone shooting with her father, which has developed her great love for the outdoors. Alicia bought her first bow shortly after starting at SAS and loves practicing regularly for upcoming archery hunts. She hopes to be drawn for future rifle hunts as well. Come on in and see Alicia to help you process the paperwork for your next firearm purchase!

Jay Chavez-Inventory Control

Jay joined the 2nd Amendment Squad in August of 2016 as an Inventory Control Clerk. The majority of Jay’s firearm knowledge was learned during his time in the United States Marine Corps.
His extra-curricular activities include camping, target shooting, gold prospecting, LGBT activism, hiking and fishing.

Crystal Stark – Office Manager/AR/Website Coordinator

Crystal started with Second Amendment Sports in 2013 in our A&D Department, before moving to Office Assistant in July 2015. “I have always enjoyed the outdoors. I have camped and fished in Idaho, Nevada and Arizona. But the White Mountains are my favorite!” Her next goal is to get out and hunt with her family. She loves to go out and shoot her growing collection of firearms, as well as her bow. Being outside, enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature is very calming and relaxing to her.

Lindsay Janes-Talley-Virtual Assistant

Lindsay joined Second Amendment Sports January of 2008. “I got my first gun, a Chipmunk .22lr rifle for my 8th birthday and never looked back. I love camping! There is nothing like smelling the campfire with the stars as your night light and the sounds of elk bugling to lull you to sleep. My experience with the outdoors, firearms and archery started like most peoples, at home. I am grateful to come from a family who enjoyed getting out and having adventures. Hopefully I’ll be well prepared for the zombie apocalypse!”

Matt Janes – Owner

“I grew up getting to run around at the edge of town when I was young and got to taste the freedom of riding my bicycle with my rifle or shotgun on the handlebars. When I got introduced to handguns and center fire rifles when I got older, that just opened up a whole new door to me. I don’t mind punching paper but my passion is hunting with firearms. I even took up a bow just so I could hunt elk more often. Working in the industry just increases my passion and desire to share what I love with others and educate them about their sacred civil liberties involving firearms ownership. I love God and my family. And hopefully I have the chance to share something of myself with you some day!”

Josh Beck – Corporate Purchasing Manager

Josh Beck began with Second Amendment Sports in 2003, as the archery tech and buyer for one of our locations in Bakersfield, CA. He not only moved up in the company, working in almost every department, but he was integral in our first expansion; opening the Tucson, AZ location. He now manages the purchasing and receiving of the entire company. But the mountains do call, as they have his entire life. Josh grew up hunting anything from mule and coues deer, elk, bear and other predators, as well as quail and duck. He is both an experienced rifle and archery hunter. He is also an avid fisherman, and lately has become more intrigued with bass specifically. He began shooting at 8 years old, with his first firearm: a Ruger 10/22, and has expanded his knowledge both in courses offered by the SAS training division, as well as self-taught long range shooting. An active outdoorsman, Josh has camped his entire life, and has backpacked in the Sierras on many fishing and mountaineering treks. We have had him a long time and we hope to have him a long time to come! As long as it isn’t hunting season!

Keith Foster – District Manager

Keith came to Second Amendment Sports, Inc. in the year 2000, bringing with him a vast knowledge of edged tools and martial arts. In addition to training in the knife business, he has studied arts in Kenjitsu, Iaijitsu, Tantojitsu, Kali-silat, western fencing, Shotokan and western boxing. After joining the SAS team, he expanded his knowledge in firearm skills through advanced levels of both handgun and long gun training, and hunting both small and big game. These days, you may see Keith at any one of our locations, as he is currently our District Manager, ensuring quality customer service and compliancy with the federal and state entities that govern our industry.

Becky Foster – A&D District Manager

Becky brought her infectious positive personality to Second Amendment Sports, Inc. in 2006. She has worked various positions in the company, learning and developing our operational procedures along the way. You may see her at any of our locations from California to Arizona, as she is currently our District Manager of our Acquisitions and Dispositions of firearms department. Her main goal is to provide quality customer service while staying compliant and jumping through all the hoops the federal and state governments present to our industry. Becky has taken advantage of the extensive courses offered by our training division and is proficient in both handgun and long gun defensive skills. She has also developed an interest in shooting crossbows; “everyone needs to be ready for the zombie apocalypse, right?”