testimonialsicon-wr“Just a quick note to thank you for taking such good care of me. For handling that minor fiasco we had with the S&W Mod.625 not taking auto rim ammo (actually it was the fault of S&W for not making it clear they had changed the design). You solved if all so it worked out better for me. And not once did you treat me in a demeaning or condescending way. I would also compliment you on your salesmen. They’re all really good guys. Well, this is why I buy all my guns here.Thank you much!”
Brian Libby

“I wanted to write this letter to tell you about the wonderful experience I had at your store on February 26th.

My husband, John, had purchased a gun and a suppressor from you in July, then got diagnosed with cancer in November, and passed away on February 4th.

I took the gun back to you for a refund. Paul treated me with such compassion and sympathy and refunded my money with no questions.

Since John’s passing, I have encountered so much red tape, and I wanted to let you all know how easy it was for me to get the refund. It really made my day.

Thank you so much for being such a great business with a heart.”
Vanessa L Devine

“Two days ago I purchased a 9mm handgun at your Tucson AZ store. Your employee Robert was the salesman that waited on me. I have to tell you I really appreciate the kind of service that he provided. As a first time buyer of a semi-automatic pistol I was green as green. Robert went above and beyond to not only help me to buy the right gun and accessories but to help me feel confident to properly own and operate my new gun safely. I realize that most people are more than happy to complain if they feel they have been wronged in some way. I also realize the only way a business owner can get an idea of what the public things of his store and the help that represents his business is the honest feedback. I can tell you this is the second gun I have purchased here and as long as you continue to offer the fine products that you offer with service such as Robert provides, be assured we have a long relationship in our future. Thanks for your attention to this.”
Roger LaPointe

“I just wanted to let you know what a GREAT experience I had in your store today. I bought the XD-S 9mm and the PT111 and received a good deal on a trade in. I had $ 800.00 to spend and after 2 guns, 2 holsters and 3 boxes of ammo I still had $ 100.00 in my pocket. I will be back. The paper work was painless and the whole process only took about 20 minutes.  Thanks again for all your help.”

I write to compliment one of your employees who helped me during a recent visit to Second Amendment Sports. I am no from Arizona, and when I visited your store, I was on a trip through both Arizona and New Mexico and was planning to visit some fairly remote areas. though I’d brought my pistol, I’d failed to bring a proper holster. An employee of yours at your Tucson store did a great job showing me the holster options that were available for my gun. he was knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient. I really appreciated his service. I regret that I did not write down his name. If I remember correctly, he wore glasses and had a beard. We chatted a bit and I learned that he is originally from Maryland. I hope that you can identify the employee I am referring to. If so, please convey my gratitude and compliments to him. The holster he helped me chooses has worked extremely well. Thank you for running a very good store and best wishes for a happy New Year.
-John Saylor