Customer shopping for firearm Tucson2016wr

*Arizona allows out of state residents to purchase Long Guns (Shotguns or Rifles, excluding Lower Receivers). You will need your State Identification Card or Driver License and will have to follow all the steps presented below:

Customer buying firearm Tucson 2016wr

To purchase a firearm, you will need:

1. A valid Arizona photo Identification Card, Driver’s License or Military Identification Card. If you are using a Military ID, you must bring your Permanent Change of Station Duty Orders (PCS) as well.

2.  If your ID/CDL has a PO Box or does not have your current residential address, or if you are Active Military purchasing a firearm using your Military ID and PCS Orders, you must provide an Alternative Proof of Residency per the ATF. You will need this document in order to take your firearm. Examples include:

– Arizona DMV printout with complete, current physical address (including zip code).

– Arizona Hunting License or Arizona Fishing License. (1yr, not 1 day)

– Any government issued document that shows current physical address. (city, county, state or federal)

– Jury summons.

– Court issued” Notice to Appear”.

– Arizona CCW or CWP with address

– Valid Arizona auto registration.

– Bureau of investigative services/Consumer affairs “limited licenses”.

Along with your ID/CDL, you will be required to complete the following steps:

Customer going to do paperwork Tucson 2016wr

Our Salesman will take you to our A&D office to fill out the Federal Form 4473. We do this for your comfort and security, away from the busy atmosphere of the Sales Floor.

Customer doing paperwork Tucson 2016wr

Our A&D Clerk will then take the information you provided and submit it to FBI NICS (National Instant Check System), which will give an almost immediate response of Proceed, Delay or Deny.

a. If Proceed: You will be able to take your firearm(s) immediately.

b. If Delay: The FBI NICS requires more time to further investigate. You will be given your available pick up date if no resolution is found.

c. If Denied: FBI NICS has found something on your background check which will deny your transaction. You may appeal this decision and will be given a brochure with instructions to do so.

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If you have a valid Concealed Weapons Permit, you are exempt from the FBI NICS background check and will be able to take home your firearm after filling out the 4473.